Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Post Does Not a Blogger Make...

In the words of my very wise baby cousin, One post does not a blogger make. Perhaps my struggle in beginning a regular blog is knowing just where to start. The reality is that the mind-body connection and it's implications on yoga and social work are incredibly vast. Perhaps the most rational way to go about it is to break things down into smaller, bite-sized pieces. By addressing one subject per week, it is this new blogger's hope to present you with information in a way that is practical, sensible and not overwhelming.

Cutting through all the clinical mumbo-jumbo and bringing some of yoga's spiritual tenents down to earth will make this blog Average-Joe friendly. Social work is not just for bleeding heart liberals looking to save the world and Yoga is not just for crazy-bendy enlightened beings...this blog is for you...the everyman.

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